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The key technology of free forging CAPP intelligent system

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Free forging process for a very strong versatility, it forged forgings variety, shapes. In order to arrange the production and preparation process specification, it is necessary to classify the forgings using the group technology. According to the structure characteristics of the actual forging, the system will be divided into the following categories: forging flange type, seat type, straight shaft, Qu Zhoulei, plate and shell type, block type, the hook and loop type etc..
Forgings are classified, the system software implementation, using the same parameters form for the same category of forging, so as to realize the parametric part of CAD information input. In the system of various forgings categories are set corresponding coding, system through the code to call the corresponding module code, compiled to realize the process specification of the forgings.
The establishment of free forging CAPP intelligent system cannot do without the expert system technology. Expert system is usually composed of 4 major parts of the knowledge base, reasoning machine, knowledge acquisition and interpretation of the interface, in which the knowledge base and the inference engine is the core component of expert system.
Free forging CAPP intelligent system knowledge base is the manual forging process and the various standards process information and technology expert experience with database form of expression, inference machine to be called at any time.
Reasoning machine free forging CAPP intelligent system is the control and coordination of the expert system, work mechanism, it extracts the basic data from the repository, according to specific reasoning strategy and sequence of these raw data processing, in order to obtain the final process data.
In this system, including database technology to solve the main problem: how to get data, how to get data knowledge knowledge to revise, how to backup and restore the data record and how to aggregate data from the database.
According to the actual situation of free forging, the database system is divided into 3 independent subsystems, namely: database system, process template designed cases of database system and technology document database system. The process template database for storage of process card template information, expert system database storage are all kinds of process parameters, the judging condition and other information, process database for storing process file information.

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